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I love talking to Alexis, we always have very thought provoking and very productive conversations. Tonight while talking to her I came up with a bizzare short-story/movie primise about a man who thrives working clothing-retail to meet and hook-up with the women who work there.

He gets off to having sexual experiences and obtaining those he works closely with on a day to day basis. After he has sexual encounters with one or several women at each department store/retail outlet he quits and finds a job at another store. He compulisively gets off to meeting women at women and proceeds to leave the store after each successful encounter. Eventually he finds a new position at a new store, and along with it a new women. Only this time she and him hit it off very well and he is overcome with actual feelings rather than shallow sexual fulfillment. Something hes never felt before and must overcome his past and enter a relm of self discovery.

Its all up in arms but who knows, I might run with it. I've always wanted to write a book.
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