Theodorus Felix Reginald Watson the 27th (justyn1337) wrote,
Theodorus Felix Reginald Watson the 27th

Last night's FUCKING AWESOME FEST was fucking awesome, but not only because of the, well, fest, but because of the happenings before the fest. Me and Alexis arrived and sat outside waiting to get bracelets to get in from Steven from Marco Polio and the New Vaccines when we see this guy walking down the street with plaid pants on and generally kind of looked very...Bellevillian as I put it. Too many bracelets, skateboard shoes...ya know. Well we strike up a convo and share our stories and get together know eachother. Hes a super nice guy who goes by the name of "Jussen" and we all quickly became friends. Me and Jussen have a lot of ties in the Detroit scene, as he is ROOMATES with Wilhelm K from The Works. Kind of small world, Detroit. At any rate, he offers to get us all crunk before the show we we bought a pint of Burnett vokda and Faygo and head off to a dark sidestreet to get pre-Magic Stick buzzed. Within minutes we wobbled back to the Magic Stick and catch a lame punk band and wait for Silverghost. I meet up with Michael and Stevie, and see a few familar faces along the way.

Silverghost was super good, and after that we caught F'KE BLOOD who really tore the place up with art-punk energy. I saw Anthony and his crew who we all hung with for the rest of the night. Jussen also seemed to have hooked up with one of Anthony's boys as well. He brought this girl with him from Riverview whos name escapes me but is totally gorgeous and had some sweet dance moves and sense of style. Might need to do some investigating.

ADULT. was AMAZING. I have never heard of a show of theirs that packes and it quickly turned into a skuzzed out loud as fuck electro-punk dance party. Me and Mike got our slammin'z on and me and Alexis bumped asses to Glue Your Eyelids together as well as Nite Life. Ah! They seemed offput by being back in Detroit. I might just be their general "i'm so unaware" personas, but they didn't seem to really be excited to be back in the city that they grew up in. I dunno.

UGH, Still tired. Might go back tonight to see Deastro. We'll see.
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