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Okay, so why does Cleveland, Ohio have to be so damn rad? Their record stores are incredibly bad ass. That alone had me wanting to move my ass right to the Steel capital of the world. In the end I scored:

Silk Flowers - LP
Charge - Perfection 12''
Gruppo Sportivo - Mistakes 12''
Gruppo Sportivo - More Mistakes 7''
Briliant Colors - Highly Evolved 7''
Sex Gang Children - Maurita Mayer 12''
Lucie Cries both of their 2xCD anthologies (FREE thanks to Wayne of Garten Kirkhof)

CLEVELAND, you money sucking bitch! I had to put back 13th Chime, Cultural Decay, Mayfair Set, Dum Dum Girls, Zola Jesus...pretty much the entire Captured Tracks/newer Sacred Bones discogs.

Also, sucks Josh lives so far away, hes a bad ass guy. Love him!
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